No Fat Carrot Puttu / Steamed Carrot Rice Cake

    Simple breakfast has 2 benefits especially on weekends; more sleep & breakfast on time. There is not fat added (as coconut) even though it’s soft and crumbly as authentic puttu. Try this easy healthy recipe & eat the breakfast like a King. Read more

Khaman Dhokla…

    The beautiful yellow cakes with black beads on top were always my attraction among those fried savory spicy snacks & the question raised in me was “Don’t these yellow sweet cake seems odd among the other snacks?”. Once, while our evening walk Dad bought that for me & my question got cleared, it’s Dhokla a Gujurati (state in India) dish which has all the beauty of a fluffy cake. We got settled in Kerala, and unfortunately forgot those dishes. Few years back I went to Mumbai for my internship & stayed with my mema (mother’s sister) in the weekends. She is such a  caring loving person, even she is a working women, busy with kids… somehow she finds time to cook something special or my favorites for me & after long time I had this Dhokla when my mema prepared, In a first bite itself, it bought all those Mumbai memories to me & Thanking once again mema.

    There are different types of Dhokla, depending on their ingredients. Dhokla is basically made of rice and chickpeas while Khaman Dhokla is made of only chickpeas/chickpea flour ( made instantly by adding more baking soda to make it fluffy when compared to Dhokla).

    We all love Dhokla. Try the recipe & let everyone explore the taste of yummy Khaman Dhokla…. Read more