My Birthday

    April is a birthday month for us, fun and celebration mood. As usual wished me & planned to go out for dinner & Binson went to office. I had a plan to prepare some spicy dish & no plan for cake. Surprisingly, Binson took half day, came home with my birthday cake & gift. That made my day great. We had our lunch & they both went for a nap, by the time I thought to prepare some cutlets as a return treat. Read more

Italian Biscotti

    Biscotti is originated from Italy & simply we name it as “Italian Biscotti”. It doesn’t mean that biscotti always tastes the same, there are different flavors/combinations used to prepare biscotti. The meaning of biscotti is “baked-twice”, that gives a dry, crunchy texture & could be stored for long periods of time. As this is nonperishable food, were particularly used during journeys & wars. Traditional way of serving this biscotti is with Tuscan fortified wine called “Vin Santo” & out of Italy biscotti usually goes with coffee/black tea… & my personnel preference is with tea, getting nuts in between each bite tastes amazing… Read more

A Tea Time Crisp!!

    Tea time, a cup of tea with some snacks sounds great… & when come to snacks I hope we all like the sound ”karum… murum… karum… murum…” especially the kids. My mother used to prepare steamed snacks made of rice flour, I personally prefer that. My sis is fond of fried snacks, oftenly me too. Amma prepare fries rarely, when we will be back from school & those days will be very special for us…. Today my crispy yummy snack is Potato Croquettes!! Read more

Snack some Oats

    Snacking something healthy is always a tough part for most of us, tea time snacks brings lot of spicy, fried, crispy images  in our mind and replacing all these with fruits, oats, quinoa, … is kind of… better to skip the snack time.

    It’s time to bring changes in our eating habits, we have a responsibility to  treat our body with healthy foods. I won’t say that, every time whatever we eat should be healthy, once a while try what we want but make sure that our body is capable to destroy the unhealthy which is got trapped within.
Read more

Chicken Bread Rolls

     I usually believed that preparing rolls are very difficult thing, it will take lot of time blah.. blah.. blah… that’s the reason I always postpone this recipe. One day Binson called me on the way to home  and asked me to prepare something spicy, he was feeling hungry. And there was 2 packets of bread with me, that leaded me to prepare the chicken bread rolls…. Finally I realized this is soo simple snack can be prepared within no time!!! Read more