Fruit Cereal & Puffed Rice Crisp Bars

    Holidays are around the corner and treats are unavoidable, especially for kids. We have planned to celebrate Christmas dinner party with few of our friends and my menu preparation is on the way, will be soon sharing with you all. So let me know what you have planned for your Christmas menu.
    Also I will be sharing more recipe posts from my Christmas menu and others & some simple diy decorations in a very low cost. It’s been long I haven’t took much time to spent with you guys, so I have lot to share, so keep in touch. Read more

Masala Puri Snack

    Hi friends, hope you all are doing good. Am too doing great, going through busy days, my in-laws are here for vacation, all of us are enjoying a lot together.
Along with that we are working really hard to make Ayden eat his food. As I mentioned before he is not at all a foodie, every meal time is a fight time in our house for my boy.

    He is very busy with his grandparents and somehow in between that, he is consuming an adequate amount of food nowadays. Thanks to God! Usually we were putting him some ney dosa, rice (with no spice non-veg / veg), kanji and fruits. When he returns from preschool, soon I used to feed him fruits and give a break to get hungry by dinner. Today I thought to give him a break from all his usual stuffs and have some crispy crunchy snack which is his ever favorite.
It’s so cute to watch him eating khrum… khroomm…. khrum…. khrooom..

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Easy Poha Recipe

    Poha is a Maharashtrian breakfast dish, which is one of my childhood favorite. We used to eat poha as snack coming back from school because breakfasts are always very hurry-burry time. It’s an another easy, healthy, filling food. For this recipe we can use both red and white flattened rice and according to your taste can add some veggies. Try this yummy poha, we are having this as our dinner. Read more

Kerala Style Pakkavada

    It’s been long time since I had this pakkavada. I always want to cook & share something like these snacks in my blog, but a guilty feel pulls me away from doing it, because it’s a deep fried snack and not a healthy thing. So I won’t tell that it’s very healthy, feed them to your kids, blah blah, but I will strongly recommend you to prepare them at home if you really have a space for store bought snacks in your pantry. It’ is common to keep some store bought snacks at home especially to serve some unexpected guests coming over & some people like to have them with evening tea. In all these cases I would like to prefer the homemade than the store bought stuffs, pakkavada preparation is very easy & ready in no time.

    Here somebody is chasing me & his cute little hand is all the time within the frame. I couldn’t even capture a pic without his hand on those pakkavadas and this will be my ever favorite click. Read more

Khaman Dhokla…

    The beautiful yellow cakes with black beads on top were always my attraction among those fried savory spicy snacks & the question raised in me was “Don’t these yellow sweet cake seems odd among the other snacks?”. Once, while our evening walk Dad bought that for me & my question got cleared, it’s Dhokla a Gujurati (state in India) dish which has all the beauty of a fluffy cake. We got settled in Kerala, and unfortunately forgot those dishes. Few years back I went to Mumbai for my internship & stayed with my mema (mother’s sister) in the weekends. She is such a  caring loving person, even she is a working women, busy with kids… somehow she finds time to cook something special or my favorites for me & after long time I had this Dhokla when my mema prepared, In a first bite itself, it bought all those Mumbai memories to me & Thanking once again mema.

    There are different types of Dhokla, depending on their ingredients. Dhokla is basically made of rice and chickpeas while Khaman Dhokla is made of only chickpeas/chickpea flour ( made instantly by adding more baking soda to make it fluffy when compared to Dhokla).

    We all love Dhokla. Try the recipe & let everyone explore the taste of yummy Khaman Dhokla…. Read more