Raspberry Blend

    Summer keep us always happy, fills with fun, entertainments & we keep our body happy with lot of healthy drinks, shakes, smoothies… It’s very important to hydrate our body during summer days, that doesn’t mean drink always water. Healthy drinks are well recommended to all. Smoothies are the best way to combine our favorite fruit & veggie flavors which can be done in no time.

    Here am sharing an easy smoothie idea & you can even replace the ingredients of your choice. Read more

Healthy Smoothie

    I always prepare healthy high calorie food for Ayden as he need to put on weight. He likes all kinds of food, even spicy, but the issue comes with the quantity he takes. He has a boundary drawn by himself, no more eating after that. Even if I force him to eat more, he will start his tactics, laying on arms of high chair, if walking he will lay on the floor, spitting & it goes on…..OMG.
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