Quinoa Upma

     “Healthy dinner”, I always wish to eat healthy but the strong urge for some other food force me to prepare those recipes (but not unhealthy). Healthy in the sense little lighter meal, actually we love eating favorite curry with rice in large quantity & that makes our tummy feel very heavy. When some of my friends tell that they have upma/puttu/dosa ….. I too feel to prepare any of these for dinner & rarely I used to do.

    Hope this recipe will make your dinner healthy. Read more


    Hardly trying to pronounce it?? This was the same I faced couple of times, exact pronunciation is “keen-wah”. It may not be a familiar ingredient for us, but in future it might be consider as ‘mother grain’… Perfect protein grain, packed with essential amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, iron & good amount of dietary fiber.
    Quinoa contains a chemical called saponins in the outer layer, which gives a bitter taste. Most commercially available quinoa will be washed, better not to take the chance of tasting bitter.. Let’s take a look How to cook Quinoa?? Read more