Chemeen / Shrimp Biryani

    “Shrimp biryani is your master piece” says Binson. I always think that chicken is the bestest flavor to go in with biryani, but, as more often I prepare shrimp biryani my thought was getting changed. The flavor, the aroma of shrimp mixture / gravy is the fantastic blend in biryani. The whole biryani will be rich with the nice aroma & taste.
    Ayden was so crazy to eat this biryani when I made it for first time, even it was bit spicy. I also prepared this biryani for Ayden’s 2nd B’day party & this was the attraction among all other dishes. So here is my recipe to serve in between your family fun time. Read more

Fried Dry Prawns

    I can go with this one prawn & a hand full of rice, literally my hand won’t move to any other dishes when I have these fried prawns in my plate…. the aroma, strong flavors, crispy-crunchy texture are the tempting factors…. The other good thing is, it can be used/stored as a pickle & the fact is, these fried prawns never lasts for more than 2 days in my kitchen, I’ll be keep on binge eating while cooking something next to this. Read more