Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes!!!

    Winter weekends are going to be end soon & the most thing we are gonna miss is the IKEA visit !! Once or twice in a month for sure we used to visit IKEA, I love to see those interior ideas. Among all of these I like the food court where I get my yummy meatballs on mashed potatoes, they are my ever favorite & not at all Binson’s. He just tastes one, to make me quite or else I keep on ask him to try. Fresh meatballs has it’s special demand than the frozen. I made this for Friday special dinner & I know it’s hard for Binson to enjoy. I prepared them in a different way, fusion of Indian and Chinese, Binson enjoyed this dinner pretty much. Just try the recipe… Read more

One Pot Pepper Potato Rice

    There is a new routine got started in our life, our little boy started going to Kinder care. He is very excited and happy to be with his friends. We all are fully dedicated for him, my evening cooking got shifted to morning, Binson will pick Ayden & drop him home, by lunch time I finish my work and will be ready to spend rest of the day with Ayden. When somebody is there with us we won’t do anything more for them, but we feel to do some special things when they are with us for limited time, yes, now there is a time I miss Ayden. Right now am trying to reduce my cooking time & concentrate more on my boy. Read more

Baked Potatoes

    Potato is one of the best veggie to have in winter. It’s starchy, high on glycemic index but they are filling, with impressive nutritional profile including potassium, magnesium, folic acid, Vit C & protein. Healthier way of cooking potato is to bake them & stuffing with kale/broccoli makes a tasty & satisfying meal….. Simple baked potato recipe is here below…… Read more

A Tea Time Crisp!!

    Tea time, a cup of tea with some snacks sounds great… & when come to snacks I hope we all like the sound ”karum… murum… karum… murum…” especially the kids. My mother used to prepare steamed snacks made of rice flour, I personally prefer that. My sis is fond of fried snacks, oftenly me too. Amma prepare fries rarely, when we will be back from school & those days will be very special for us…. Today my crispy yummy snack is Potato Croquettes!! Read more