Kerala Style Pork Ullarthiyathu / Pork Fry

ย  ย  Pork ullarthiyathu is always special because it’s cooked mostly in special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Parish feast, Parties and so on… Pork is not an often dish in my kitchen, when our parents came I cooked for them and we tried it. It was quiet good and we loved the dish. Another specialty is, here pork is available with full meat and very very less fat parts & that’s what keeping us close to pork dishes. We only like the roasted pork recipes, nothing else. Combinations are also an unavoidable part when we talk about ullarthu (fry recipes), for me hot matta rice, moru curry are the must to go with ullarthu.
ย  ย  Once I prepared pork curry for my friend & what I did was, I fried the pork and then prepared into curry, that kept the pork pieces very firm and taste was great. Now pork is kind of okay for us, we started enjoying it, once in a while. Try my recipe and send me your feedback. Read more