Saag Paneer

    Saag Paneer??? Saag paneer might be a rarely heard name & instead we have heard lot about palak paneer. Saag paneer and palak paneer has similarity and difference too. Palak paneer is considered to be saag paneer but saag paneer can not be considered as palak paneer, confused right? Saag paneer means leaf based paneer dish (kale, chard, mustard, etc.) and palak paneer is specifically made of spinach. I used the spinach leaves but still I want to name this curry as saag paneer just to introduce or explain the name. Hope it will be little informative at least for few people, those who are new to the name Saag paneer. Read more

Paneer Butter Masala

    Paneer / Indian cottage cheese is a well known non-veg substitute for vegetarians. It is a best low fat, high protein & calcium food, can be prepared freshly at home. It is used to prepare desserts, curries and even snacks. Maintaining the soft texture of the paneer is the only challenging part. One of my favorite recipe is here below with a trick to keep the softness of paneer. Read more