One Pot Pepper Potato Rice

    There is a new routine got started in our life, our little boy started going to Kinder care. He is very excited and happy to be with his friends. We all are fully dedicated for him, my evening cooking got shifted to morning, Binson will pick Ayden & drop him home, by lunch time I finish my work and will be ready to spend rest of the day with Ayden. When somebody is there with us we won’t do anything more for them, but we feel to do some special things when they are with us for limited time, yes, now there is a time I miss Ayden. Right now am trying to reduce my cooking time & concentrate more on my boy. Read more

A Citrus Dinner !!

    Every mom look for an easy recipe, especially working moms. Working whole day, coming back home in plan to go to bed soon, no way, lot more stuffs to be done, look after kids, clean, little bit attention for husband and and….. the last but the most important is cooking. Cooking is a very short name, actually there are lot of work comes under. Sometimes when I feel tired and have to cook, I wish if all the ingredients are chopped, kept nicely separate in bowls & my cookware, serving dish are ready like we used to see in YouTube channels….. Hmmm…

    Anyway, here I am dedicating a simple, easy and quick dinner idea for all the working moms.  Read more