Onam Celebration

    My dear friends, how was your Onam celebration? Our’s was fabulous, we prepared Unniyappam, Choru, Sambar, Aviyal, Olan, Erissery, Cabbage thoran, Beetroot pachadi, Koottu curry, Kattiparippu curry, Pappadam, Paalada payasam. We enjoyed a lot with our parents. Read more

Happy Onam Friends….

    Onam is a celebration, celabrated by the people of “God’s own country”- Kerala. A 10-day celebration of rich and healthy harvest, the most important believe of the day is the return of King Mahabali to his ancient kingdom & each house will be cleaned & decorated to welcome the Onam Legend – Mahabali. Onam celebration is also followed by lot of traditional customs like prayers (not a custom but a start of all), pookkalam (art with fresh flowers), variety of dishes cooked & presented in a traditional way, Onapattu (song), Thiruvathira (traditional dance), pulikkali, vallamkkali (Snake boat races), family get-together is an amazing part of this celebration as everybody will be taking part in cooking, pookkalam, also grand children of big joint families will be presenting Thiruvathirakkali………………& it goes on…………….

    One thing that we all will be looking for on Onam days, especially kids & women, to get a new dress from our grandparents/father/husband & kids are the most luckiest category as they get number of dresses from the all above mentioned.

    Now a days people who live out of India, they all celebrate Onam & try to create the entire mood that we get in our hometown. All the Malayalees will gather, dress up in Kerala saree/kasavu moondu, each family will prepare each dish, Thiruvathirakkali  presented by group of friends.

   Me too prepared Onasadya, not with all those traditional dishes. In my banana leaf there was koothari (rice), sambar, aviyal, koottucurry, cabbage thoran, katti parippu curry, inji curry, achar, kaya upperi, pazham, pappadam, payasam, that’s it.

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