Stove Top Grilled Garlic Naan made of Wheat

    Naan is the actual reason that makes us step to Indian restaurants. Along with that, the most difficult thing is to find a no-spice food for Ayden. Even if the rice or some curries are not spicy, he won’t try just because of the yellow orange colors, he has a mind set that those colors food are spicy. So the only thing he used to eat from Indian restaurants are these Naan.

    I have planned to prepare most of his favorite food as coming Monday (May 15th) is his Birthday & Mother’s Day (14th) too. I think, am the luckiest mom to get Ayden as my Mother’s Day gift and the truth is, every moment with our little one is celebration for us.

Am trying to make every meal as much as healthy, and I believe healthy food is the best way of expressing mother’s love to their kids. Read more

Ragi Chapathi / Ragi Flat Bread

    It’s very hard to feed my boy, I have even tried different ways, recipes. Chapathi is the only food Ayden eats his own happily. This is for first time I tried ragi chapathi including milk, my only intension is to make chapathi as healthy as I can. I know that the color of the chapathi is not so appealing for kids & Ayden has a habit of considering color, texture, taste of food. I rolled up the chapathi & while I roll it, he says Roll up Roll up…… Surprisingly, Ayden enjoyed these ragi chapathi very much.

    I request your suggestions, recipes which will be a great help for me to feed my little boy. Read more