Kozhuva / Anchovy Peera

    Kozhuva peera is the most favorite fish dish of ours. This will be the daily dish present on the table, when my dad comes for vacation, wherever he go & see this fish, on the spot he will buy it. Hats off to my mom, bcz it’s bit difficult to clean, as these are too small fishes. How difficult it might be, really worth the effort. Crunchy onions, fresh coconut & bites of that tender bone is mouth watering…… Read more

Kerala Style Fish Fry…

    Getting a piece of fish fry for lunch is always a great thing. It goes well with dal fry, moru curry…..etc, all these are basically our favorite combinations. Fish is always good to prepare in curry form, so that’s why, fry is not that often in my kitchen. But it’s really hard to ignore the frying part when the fresh fish is in-hand. I am gonna share with you a typical Kerala style with some healthy tips…….. Read more

Happy Healthy Dinner… on her Special Day!!

    Briefing dinner with salad is bit difficult for we Keralites, because freshly cooked matta rice with fish curry or sambar is our staple food & that’s what make us satisfied, of course my choice is the same. But now we all started to prefer something healthy which is appealing too. Today I am going to share with you a healthy recipe – Quinoa salad with Juicy fish, which will be dedicated specially to my sister chinnu on her special day –  Happy Birthday with Happy Dinner Chinnu..!! Read more

Amma’s Fish Curry

    When I think about fish curry, there are lot of things that comes in my mind. First of all my mom, she prepares fish curry in a complete traditional way and alternatively in non traditional way too, it’s me the reason that forces her to do so. I am not so fond of coconut milk fish curry, because when we pour the curry on top of rice, it simply ooze down to the plate, left will be thin layer of curry and fish. I like the thick layer of curry over the rice which is very tempting and, you guys may got what I need in the fish curry.
     Exactly, grind-ed coconut! I know, I know, it might be most of yours unwanted choice. Secrete details will be in my recipe, OK?
    The other thing about traditional way of cooking is, cooking in wide mannchatti (clay pot) on Aduppu. Manchatti contributes a special taste to the curry and while cooking on Aduppu the smoky atmosphere, altogether the curry smells divine. As the cooking process is slow in Aduppu, it helps to blend the flavors from all ingredients and the fish too tastes awesome.
    Here I have no Aduppu, obviously nobody have, but I bought the mannchatti from India, I always cook fish curry in it.
Read more