Kerala Special Vellayappam/Paalappam Recipe

    Vellayappam / Paalappam / Appam is one of the most famous and favorite breakfast item of Kerala. It’s been long I was working hard to get the appam batter fermented & finally it got successful. The rice you take, the weather all matters the fermentation. I switched to basmati rice/idli rice for vellayappam. Binson’s favorite food, which took this long for me to success. You can make this vellayappam in different ways using yeast, toddy… Yeast is the only option for me and for all who are living out of India.
    My appam was sooo sooo soft and tasty. It was so heavenly when I placed it in my mouth, literally melts. Vellayappams never took a place in my menu yet, but now am pretty confident to add them to my party menu. Appams have wide range of combinations to go with, like egg roast or curry, stew (veg or non), chicken curry and so on….
    Try my recipe and let me know how it worked!!! Read more