Crab Masala Curry

    Seafood is always good for health, go for white flesh fish which is low in calorie and oily fish which is high in omega-3-fatty acids. Seafood is good source of essential vitamins & minerals, so that they are important part of the diet. Eating crab has little risk in it, as they contain good amount of sodium (about 3oz contains 911 mg & recommended per day is 2300 mgs), even though the nutritional facts it provides is something more than that. Also, crab is not an usually prepared in most kitchen though no need to discuss more about risks.

    Delicious crab masala curry recipe is here  below… Read more

Okra Cream Curry

    Before going to curry preparation, I would like to share few information about Okra. I have heard from lot of people that they don’t like okra because of it’s slimy nature. More than vitamins and mineral source, okra is famous in it’s high fiber & folate  benefits. Slimy nature is the presence of soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps in proper bowel movement, reduce diabetes, reduce weight. Folate is the natural form of vit B9 which is available from plant & animal food & body absorbs folate as folic acid which is primarily available as supplements. Folic acid is very important for pregnant women/in preconception period, it prevents neural defects and important for development of the baby. I would like to dedicate this specific recipe especially for one of my friend because she doesn’t like okra at all & asked me for a recipe. Read more