Candy Cane Cookies for Santa!

Cookie making is a fun time with kids, make your holidays more enjoyable including yours kids in some preparations. Ayden was enjoying a lot making cookie with mama. He helped me, messed up the space & he was sooo excited to see the Candy Cane Cookies because he recently had an activity in his preschool, making candy cane with beads & unfortunately mama decided to make the same as cookies at home. This year Ayden will be giving these cookies & a cup of milk to Santa as his treat!

At last we made some mixed dough cookies, which we both enjoyed mashing the doughs together, really funny!!!
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Musketeers Nutty Cookies

    I always prepare something for snacks & store them for my little. I never kept any store bought stuffs except cheese gold fish & chocolates. For growing kids, maximum try to bring the healthy combination of nutrients together in a single food. Stocks are over & empty boxes can’t stay for long in my kitchen shelves, prepared a recipe and ready for next batch of cookies. Read more