Anniversary Cake!!!

    Now a days a silly reason is enough for celebration, a kind of trend is going on and of course we all love that. Whatever the reason is, food will be the center of attraction in celebration. But in April we have a really special occasion and that is, both of our parent’s wedding anniversary is in the same month with few days difference (& both of our birthdays too), and we declared April as month of cakes. Anniversary couples are not here with us but still we make cake, we cut the cake & we eat them, what a cool celebration. Here’s my tiny anniversary cake recipe, enjoy every single moment & let’s celebrate our life. Read more

On His Birthday!!

April 4th, it’s Binson’s Birthday…… It’s a special day for me too….
    In previous years I ordered cake, invited friends, gave gifts & that was complete surprise for him. He might have expected that I would do something this time. This time we three celebrated with a cake made by myself. That was really exciting, cake preparation kept me almost whole day busy. This is my first frosted cake, I never used to frost cakes at home before. It’s pretty entertaining if you have interest on it. After all effort, I feel like this was the most precious gift I gave him ever. Once again Happy Birthday to my love….

    The cake came out perfect, tasty, yummy & the aroma filled my house with the happiness. I have prepared it in very simple way using basic stuffs. I have only one round tray, so I baked the 2 cakes one after other. You can leave the rest batter till the first cake get ready. For the frosting cake stand I took a circular granite piece & kept on top of a wide bowl (smaller than the granite), cover the granite with foil paper or leave as it is. And when it comes to cake decoration, as I said before, frosting is very rare rare thing in my kitchen. So I was looking for a cheapest cake decoration kit, as I don’t wan’t to spend more for a rarely using stuff. But this time it was a necessary thing for my plan, I went through shops, surprisingly I found Betty Crocker 11 pc decorating kit which worth $25 & the deal I got for $2.99 !!! Amazing ryt?? All set, let’s go for the recipe….. Coconut Pineapple Cake!! Read more

Amma’s Fish Curry

    When I think about fish curry, there are lot of things that comes in my mind. First of all my mom, she prepares fish curry in a complete traditional way and alternatively in non traditional way too, it’s me the reason that forces her to do so. I am not so fond of coconut milk fish curry, because when we pour the curry on top of rice, it simply ooze down to the plate, left will be thin layer of curry and fish. I like the thick layer of curry over the rice which is very tempting and, you guys may got what I need in the fish curry.
     Exactly, grind-ed coconut! I know, I know, it might be most of yours unwanted choice. Secrete details will be in my recipe, OK?
    The other thing about traditional way of cooking is, cooking in wide mannchatti (clay pot) on Aduppu. Manchatti contributes a special taste to the curry and while cooking on Aduppu the smoky atmosphere, altogether the curry smells divine. As the cooking process is slow in Aduppu, it helps to blend the flavors from all ingredients and the fish too tastes awesome.
    Here I have no Aduppu, obviously nobody have, but I bought the mannchatti from India, I always cook fish curry in it.
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