2017 Christmas Celebration!

2017 Christmas has been over & it was a great time for us with our friends. Since 1 week our family was getting ready to give a warm welcome to our guests. It was too busy days for me preparing lot of stuffs by my own, since it was not potluck we had planned. It’s a pleasure for me to cook lot of food and feed my besties with heart full of love & finally I get satisfied when they all have enough food. Read more

Candy Cane Cookies for Santa!

Cookie making is a fun time with kids, make your holidays more enjoyable including yours kids in some preparations. Ayden was enjoying a lot making cookie with mama. He helped me, messed up the space & he was sooo excited to see the Candy Cane Cookies because he recently had an activity in his preschool, making candy cane with beads & unfortunately mama decided to make the same as cookies at home. This year Ayden will be giving these cookies & a cup of milk to Santa as his treat!

At last we made some mixed dough cookies, which we both enjoyed mashing the doughs together, really funny!!!
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Light Fruit Cake (Non-Alcoholic) – Merry Christmas!

ย  ย  First of all, Advance Merry Christmas to all my readers. Most of us have some favorite cakes all the time, but for Christmas there is just a common choice for all of us that’s the Fruit cake. Christmas is all about Fruit Cake, every year we usually give the fruit cake treat to our neighbors in our hometown & we too get lot of fruit cakes from others. Whatever dishes you cook for Christmas, Fruit cake is a part of tradition & of course first in the party menu. Here I have made light fruit cake with no alcohol, since we have party on Christmas day in our home & we have kids coming over, so no alcohol. Try my recipe & let me know more about your Christmas!!! Read more