Gopi Manchurian

    Always a best substitute for non veg style. Gopi Manchurian is our ever favorite dish. Till I made this for first time, I think that it’s very long process to bring a simple cauliflower to this look & taste. I feel so lazy and keep it aside for next time. Finally once I made this, realized that one of the easiest recipe I kept waiting. The only part I felt little lagging was the frying, except that, it’s super easy delicious recipe. So guys, don’t wait as you are missing a wonderful dish. Read more

Cauliflower Handvo/Handwa

    Handvo is a Gujarati cuisine, which can be considered as a complete meal with dal, rice, veggies. Real traditional recipe contains little sweet too. In a nutritional basis it’s a perfect food with protein, carbs and limited fat. My leisure time hobby is to watch the food channels in YouTube & once I got this recipe idea from Rajshri foods. It was really tempting and the recipe is very simple, can be prepared within 15 mins + cooking time.
Here am gonna prepare this Handvo with little twist, Handvo can be prepared with different combinations. I have tried this recipe several times with my family & friends, they really enjoyed & I enjoy the new recipes when others have it with complete satisfaction and asks me for more and more.
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