Carrot Thoran Rice – Simply Variety

    It was a long chapati week for us. Chapati is Ayden’s favorite food, but I make them very rarely because he won’t eat anything else with chapati, just plain chapaties. And it’s hard to feed him some vegetables or non veg. So I gave him chapaties for few days and I have stopped chapati menu for now. This Carrot Thoran Rice is very delicious and especially kids will love this. It’s an easy recipe for lunch box, can prepare with leftover thoran. We had the rice with fish fry and raita, that’s just more than enough and perfect combo. Try my recipe and share with your loved once. Read more

Avial / Aviyal

    Avial is my all time favorite vegetarian dish, but still it’s a rare dish in my kitchen. Y ???

    I have a mind set that it’s a very complicated dish, lot of steps to be followed blah.. blah.., at the same time I come to realize a great think after each avial preperation is, it is so so so easy to prepare & can be prepared every day at home. Whenever I have Avial in my menu, I’ll be completely disturbed. If am even cooking it for dinner, I’ll recheck my vegetables again and again and make sure is everything there for avial, will it take lot of time if I start later….. Then I’ll calm myself telling ” no Chinju, it’s just cutting, cooking, grinding, that’s it”.

    Just for those people who think similar to me, don’t make your family miss their favorite Avial, it’s quite easy!! Read more