Chicken Burrito Bowl Inspired by Chipotle

ย  ย  Burrito bowl is a Mexican food. This cold bowl is very attractive by colors. Burrito bowl is a good choice for busy working people for their weekdays meal. It is very time saving food. Keep each ingredients ready separately in the refrigerator and combine when you are ready to have. The most attractive quality of this food is, it is healthy and filling, one Chipotle burrito bowl is quite hard to finish at a time.

ย  ย  Am looking ahead to make this Burrito bowl for one week meal, once our parents leave to India. Now these are busy days trying out different foods at home & out and we will be burning these extra fats by sticking with the one week burrito bowl meal prep. I have seen lot of people got reduced weight & still fit by following these meal prep. You can also stay fit and healthy with this colorful bowl!!! Read more