Chemeen / Shrimp Biryani

    “Shrimp biryani is your master piece” says Binson. I always think that chicken is the bestest flavor to go in with biryani, but, as more often I prepare shrimp biryani my thought was getting changed. The flavor, the aroma of shrimp mixture / gravy is the fantastic blend in biryani. The whole biryani will be rich with the nice aroma & taste.
    Ayden was so crazy to eat this biryani when I made it for first time, even it was bit spicy. I also prepared this biryani for Ayden’s 2nd B’day party & this was the attraction among all other dishes. So here is my recipe to serve in between your family fun time. Read more

Chicken Biryani

    In my childhood days biryani preparation creates a happy, festival, exciting atmosphere at home. Because, biryani is not an often prepared dish at home.
    Once in a while, mummy declares this happy news “tomorrow I have planned to prepare chicken biryani”. Me and my sister will be very obedient to mom on those days & of course mom takes the advantage of the situation. Read more

Chickpea Biryani

    Everybody know that as the part  of Easter tradition, 40 days lent is going to be end very soon. Lent days are prayerful days, going often through words of Jesus, finding spiritual values in giving up something for lent like television, video games, sweets … basically our most favorite things.

    We gave up non veg completely for this 40 days. This made me to recollect all those veg dishes and of-course biryani too. Biryani is a versatile dish which can be flavor with different veggies, just like non veg.

    Cooking something special when everybody is at home adds more spices to the cooking. Today I have prepared chickpeas biryani, trust me, it is a very flavorful, nutty biryani that I have ever had. Read more