Beetroot Rabdi

    Rabdi / rabri is a deliciously sweet dessert which is prepared by evaporating the milk to half the quantity. It’s a along process as it is done in low flame. Even though, the smile, satisfaction it brings in everyone’s face simply worth the effort.

    Rabdi can be prepared by adding condensed milk too, which is short process. What you have to do is, boil the milk and add condensed milk to it. Store bought condensed milk are highly sweetened though I prefer the evaporating method so that you can sweeten the rabdi as per your taste. Or else you can make rabdi out of store bought evaporated milk (easy too) instead of condensed milk and then add sugar accordingly.

    I have flavored rabdi with beetroot & this pink beauty will be the most adorable dessert in parties or family gatherings. Read more

Beetroot Pulav

    Beetroot is all about sweet taste. Preparing any spicy dish with beet is really challenging. Am not so found of beetroot dishes with rice because of it’s dominating sweetness & what I usually do is cook separately the beets, drain out the beet water to make beet syrup & serve them as a healthy drink and boiled beets will be used for spicy dish preparation. When taking healthy aspects, every meal should be nutrient dense, this recipe is dense in nutrients, easy to cook, colorful & attractive. Try this out even with less spice, kids gonna love this. Read more

Let’s Chill before Winter!!

    Before slipping to the winter I would like to share a drink with you friends – a Beet Syrup!! Beets are highly nutritious and “cardiovascular health” friendly root vegetable. The color provided by the pigment betacyanin is the main attraction of this vegetable. Highly recommended for people those who are looking for a low calorie food. Step back from storing liters of  ready made juices for your kids and family & get into the kitchen to prepare something that provides real health to them. (10-15% people are genetically unable to break the betacyanin pigment & when it’s concentrated in the body from beets, the urine may appear pink in color called beeturia. This is completely harmless. Make sure that beets were in your diet.) Read more