Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes!!!

    Winter weekends are going to be end soon & the most thing we are gonna miss is the IKEA visit !! Once or twice in a month for sure we used to visit IKEA, I love to see those interior ideas. Among all of these I like the food court where I get my yummy meatballs on mashed potatoes, they are my ever favorite & not at all Binson’s. He just tastes one, to make me quite or else I keep on ask him to try. Fresh meatballs has it’s special demand than the frozen. I made this for Friday special dinner & I know it’s hard for Binson to enjoy. I prepared them in a different way, fusion of Indian and Chinese, Binson enjoyed this dinner pretty much. Just try the recipe… Read more

Neychoru / Ghee rice & Beef curry

    Neychoru and creamy beef curry is a sooper dooper combination of mine & it tastes awesome when prepared authentically by muslims (that’s what I experienced). No words to explain that feel, can get the flavors of rice and curry separately in a bite.
Most importantly the rice becomes great when it is perfectly cooked, not under-cooked nor overcooked. In the case of curry, both the beef and gravy should be juicy… All these brings out a perfect neychoru & beef curry….
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Kappayum Beef-um !!!

    The combination of tapioca with meat or either fish doesn’t need an introduction, as this is & will be familiar to all, especially the Keralites and Kerala food lovers…. Tapioca had been a staple food from our ancient days onwards. This is a dish got a promotion from “Thattukada” (road side shop) to “Star Hotels”.

    Most of the people who are out of Kerala/India, they will be very cravy to have their authentic foods. When I was new here, didn’t found the tapioca & I am a person will do anything  for a piece. My mom bought some dried tapioca when she came here & I was adjusting with that to temporarily satisfy myself. After long time, we found tapioca in our Indian grocery shop, I just went to the twilight zone & the first recipe that I prepared was Kappayum Beef-um (Tapioca with meat) !!! Read more

Beef Varattiyathu

Beef varattiyathu (fry) is an authentic beef dish which is everybody’s favorite in beef varieties. In Binson’s case I would say that, he is so.. so.. cravy to have this beef varatti than chicken dishes.
To try other recipes with beef , sometimes I have to hide some beef because Binson will ask me to prepare this beef varatti. I hope you guys will also enjoy this recipe.
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