Chemeen / Shrimp Biryani

    “Shrimp biryani is your master piece” says Binson. I always think that chicken is the bestest flavor to go in with biryani, but, as more often I prepare shrimp biryani my thought was getting changed. The flavor, the aroma of shrimp mixture / gravy is the fantastic blend in biryani. The whole biryani will be rich with the nice aroma & taste.
    Ayden was so crazy to eat this biryani when I made it for first time, even it was bit spicy. I also prepared this biryani for Ayden’s 2nd B’day party & this was the attraction among all other dishes. So here is my recipe to serve in between your family fun time. Read more

Neychoru / Ghee rice & Beef curry

    Neychoru and creamy beef curry is a sooper dooper combination of mine & it tastes awesome when prepared authentically by muslims (that’s what I experienced). No words to explain that feel, can get the flavors of rice and curry separately in a bite.
Most importantly the rice becomes great when it is perfectly cooked, not under-cooked nor overcooked. In the case of curry, both the beef and gravy should be juicy… All these brings out a perfect neychoru & beef curry….
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Anacardo Chicken ??

    It’s fun to get together and have something special to eat at least once a week. Food tastes better when you eat it with your family & the usual family gathering is the weekend. No calorie count, no rush office works, no any kind of hurry burry…. enjoy enjoy enjoy the two days with family, friends & no doubt all these goes only with our favorite food. This was one of my weekend treat for our family.

    Half cooked veggies along with rice is one of my preferred combination, yes the fried rice, I can have this even without flavoring. Half cooked crunchy veggies are healthy, nutrient rich, tasty & & & my Anacardo Chicken. Have you ever heard of this dish? You might have heard this before, let’s move to the ingredients list to get a clear picture. Read more