Coffee Banana Cake

    Why should we have banana cake and a cup of coffee separately?

Why don’t we combine it together? My favorite is always banana cake & it’s combinations.

    So let’s take a try to blend both flavors & have both in a single bite. Read more

Banana Cake

    Overripe bananas are headache for all mothers, kids won’t eat & most of the male members in the family won’t even peek the area. Actually I was also the same, I won’t eat the first portion of the banana, that’s my mom’s bite & the brown spots are my most hated thing in banana… there might be lot of people like me, if no hats off to those friends. Because when I came to know the health benefits of this overripe bananas – packed with antioxidants (brown spots denotes that antioxidant levels have increased), easy to digest (not good for diabetic people)… goes on… Read more