Salmon Fried Rice

ย  ย  This Salmon fried rice was soo yummy. Kids will love thif fried rice and healthy too. Try this recipe….

Basmati rice cooked-raw 2cps
Salmon fish-1lb
Whole spices-cloves/bay leaves/cinnamon sticks/Fennel seeds
Ginger garlic paste-2tbsp
Shallots-8-9 sliced
Garam masala-3tbsp
Turmeric pdr-2tsp
Fish masala-1tbsp
Black pepper pdr-2tbsp
Lime-1 1/2
Soy sauce-2tbsp

Cook the basmati rice with whole spices, ghee, turmeric pdr, salt, lime juice & lot of water. Drain the water as the rice get cooked to 95%. Keep it aside in wide tray, so that rice get cool down and starch will dried off which prevents the fried rice from getting mushy or sticky.
Note:- First thing before all prep, is to get ready rice in room temperature.

In a wok, add ghee, pepper, garam masala, turmeric & finally the vegetables. Stir fry the vegetables (I prefer half cook) in medium flame. Keep it aside.

Salmon need marination (with pepper, turmeric, fish masala, salt, lime juice) for about 1/2-2hrs. In a pan heat ghee and add ginger garlic paste, shallots & saute well. Add the masalas and then fish pieces & some soy sauce. Cook covered for about 15 mins. Break fish into tiny uneven pieces and dry the fish mixture. Check for salt & add little ghee if needed for frying.

Combine rice and vegetables in batches to fish & stir well, make sure not to over mix.

Serve with raita. Ready!!!



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