Baked Egg plant Thoran

    Egg plant is a highly nutritious food, it helps in reducing cholesterol, high amount of fibers, contains nasunin which is good for brain health. But most of us/atleast some of my friends don’t prefer this. It has a odd taste, it will become so soft, nothing to chew…… these are the excuses they list. And I tried a different way to cook egg plant, which got thumps up from all. My egg plant slices was very tender, chewy and of course delicious. They asked me to add the recipe to my collections. So am not dragging more, let’s take a look ……… Read more

Binson’s Friday Special

    For me weekend starts from Friday morning, the time when Binson leaves to office around 6.45 am. T he rest of the time till he is back home, is cooking cooking cooking… I will prepare some special food or some authentic, we are cravy for. Weekend specials will be always huge in amount, we will use it till Saturday, so that we get enough time at home & for outing. Most Saturday for lunch or dinner we go to restaurants.

    Sunday is a home-ly day, we start the day from church, coming home is getting engaged with laundry, cooking, eating & having family fun.

    Now you might be expecting a great recipe below. Read more

Sunday Cooking!!!

    As I mentioned before about our weekend routine, Sunday, one of my main work is cooking, actually it’s not a work, it’s my passion.

    After heavy breakfast (yes, breakfast like a king), we will get ready for the mass @ 9.30 / 11.30 am. Coming back from church is like coming with a bundle of energy packs, I feel so edified, blessed and happy as I gave a bunch of THANKS to my Almighty. We will get into kitchen for lunch preparation. Of course it will be non veg to be cooked, sometimes any special recipes or any authentic recipes. Baking non veg is a rare thing in my kitchen, it’s kind of eating my patience bcz am a restless person till my dish come out of flame, I wanna stir my curry frequently, smell it etc. Keeping myself engaged makes me feel that the curry is getting ready soon. Read more

Dates-Chocolate Covered Peanut Cake

    Today it’s very cloudy outside and am simply sitting at home. The cloudy dark days are really very boring for me and my little boy, especially when we both are in a mood to have something sweet. We were hardly trying to collect the ingredients as it was almost time to refill my kitchen by this weekend. My little boy was completely involved to help his mama by picking big big tins from the draw, dropping it on the floor, it was kind of confusing me and I opened the same tins again and again. Read more

Chicken Bread Rolls

     I usually believed that preparing rolls are very difficult thing, it will take lot of time blah.. blah.. blah… that’s the reason I always postpone this recipe. One day Binson called me on the way to home  and asked me to prepare something spicy, he was feeling hungry. And there was 2 packets of bread with me, that leaded me to prepare the chicken bread rolls…. Finally I realized this is soo simple snack can be prepared within no time!!! Read more

Blueberry Cake

    Now a days Ayden is not eating anything properly and its been hard for me to feed him. But he will be just opposite if I feed him anything made of blueberries. Even if he is full, he will ask me to feed him again and again. Still I am happy because blueberries are high in antioxidants, fiber and its very good for baby’s eyes, brain etc. It is one of the best food for kids……
    So here am gonna make blueberry cake, so that we both and Ayden can enjoy this together. Read more

Late night Chiken-dho

    This name might be tempting you guys to scroll down & check the recipe in search of specialty. Of course this recipe was prepared at late night and for Binson it’s too hard to go with veg menu. As he was damn sure that am not gonna prepare anything non,

    Binson: Today I’ll prepare quick and easy chicken dish, just wait and see!! Read more

Beef Varattiyathu

Beef varattiyathu (fry) is an authentic beef dish which is everybody’s favorite in beef varieties. In Binson’s case I would say that, he is so.. so.. cravy to have this beef varatti than chicken dishes.
To try other recipes with beef , sometimes I have to hide some beef because Binson will ask me to prepare this beef varatti. I hope you guys will also enjoy this recipe.
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