Neer Dosa with Rice Flour

ย  ย  Super easy and tasty recipe, no more intro other than this. Totally forgot to soak the rice and urad for dosa yesterday, quiet natural, happens with all. I planned to prepare neer dosa and the neer dosas got done within 30 mins. I like little big holes on dosa, it will be very attractive for kids, so I kept the flame close to high, it’s all upto your wish. As the best combination I already have sambar and coconut chuttney ready. Try the recipe…..

Rice flour-1cp
Water-1 3/4cp

In a mixing bowl, take flour, salt and water.
Mix well without any lumps.
Heat a nonstick pan in medium to high flame, sprinkle some water to check the temp.
Stir the batter, take one laddle of batter & pour from sides to the center (stir well before taking each time).
Fill the really big gaps if needed.
Keep covered and cook for about 30-45 secs & remove the lid.
Let it leave from the sides, fold and take out.
Keep the dosas separately, it will stick together.

Yummy soft neer dosas are ready to go with sambar and chuttney!!!



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