Kinnathappam/Steamed Rice Cake

ย  ย  My mom used to prepare this more often when my dad comes for vacation. it’s my Dad’s favorite snack, even our’s favorite too. This sweet coconut flavored snack is amazingly delicious. Try the recipe and enjoy.

Rice flour-2cps
Coconut milk-400ml
Water-about 1cp
Fennel seeds-as per taste
Salt-a pinch

In a mixing bowl, take all the ingredients and mix well without any lumps.
Consistency should be little watery from dosa batter.
Pour 2-3 laddle of batter in a greased plate (thickness depends on the diameter of the plate & how much batter you pour in, as the batter won’t rise).
Steam in idli maker for about 6-8 mins (depends on how much batter).
Take out and place the kinnathappam plate inside the other plate with cold water (it helps to take kinnathappam out of plate easily).
It can be stored in refrigerator for about 2-3 days.



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