Kerala Banana Chips

ย  ย  Kerala’s most popular snack and the first served one in Onam sadhya. This was one of the recipe in my wish list and it got delayed because of one reason, the unavailibility of best raw plantain. The plantains available was always little ripe and I used to cook my favorite dishes with that bananas.
ย  ย  This time I found fresh, fully raw plantains and I bought & have stored lot of plantains. Preparing my favorite curries and don’t wanna miss the chance to make this crispy banana chips. This is a very simple recipe, ready within no time. Try at home & avoid buying from stores…..

Raw plantain-3big
Turmeric pdr-1/2tsp
Vegetable Oil-to fry

Peel off the washed plantain, slice the plantain using slicer or even with knife. Make sure to slice evenly.
Prepare the turmeric water by mixing water, turmeric pdr, salt & keep it aside.
Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan, in medium flame.
As the oil reaches correct temperature, put handful of banana slices carefully.
Stir gently, not to stick the slices.
As the oil stops bubbling also you can hear the fried sound, reduce the flame to low & pour turmeric water 1tsp or 2tsp (as per taste).
Stir immediately to spread the color and salt everywhere (be careful while pouring water).
Take out the chips when the spluttering stops completely.
Transfer the drained chips to paper towel & let it cool down completely.
Store completely cooled chips in a air tight container in room temperature.



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