Hummus is a famous Middle Eastern cuisine which is pretty simple to prepare at home. Go for homemade chickpeas for recipe than the canned one and more easy to prepare if tahini is handy. It’s good with pita bread or even with crackers & veggies as snack. No need of any additional ingredients to make hummus into a complete dip. Let’s go through the recipe.

Chickpeas-1 1/2cp (raw)
Tahini-3/4cp (recipe)
Cumin pdr-1tsp
Dry red chilli-3

Lemon juice-1
Olive oil-50ml
Water or chickpeas cooked water-as per need

Soaked the chickpeas for 5 hrs and pressure cooked for 6 whistles.
In a blender add all the ingredients and make into smooth paste.
Check for the salt, especially if chickpeas are cooked with salt. More salt doesn’t tastes good for hummus.

Ever best dip is ready to go with crackers or veggies, it’s yummy….!



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