Homemade Cranberry Jam

ย  ย  Cranberry jam always pops a question “Is cranberry sauce and jam the same?” Cranberry jam or either sauce, both are determined by their texture or firmness. For both jam and sauce the ingredients are the same, the only difference is in their texture, depends on how long you cook them. Cranberries are high in pectin & as long as you cook, more and more the pectins are released and makes the texture firm. Taste wise the sauce will be less sweet and can be flavored spicy, & of course the jam is sweet as always.
ย  ย  I cooked very well and then made into fine jam, if you feel little gooey after blending just cook again & as it comes to room temperature it will be firm. Cranberries are very soury, so most probably I will use it as some dips by modifying, than using as the jam. It’s all upto everyone’s taste. It can be used in sandwiches or non-veg dishes or chuttneys……. Store for long in dry sanitized jars.

Fresh Cranberry-1.5lb
Sugar-1 1/2cp
Ginger juice-1/4cp (fresh)
Vanilla extract-1tsp

In a heavy bottomed pan take all the ingredients & cook covered for about 20-30 mins over medium flame. Give a nice stir in between.
Flame off, let it cool completely.
In a blender, blend the jam to make into fine jam or you can use as it is.
Store them after jam cools completely.



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