Fruit Cereal & Puffed Rice Crisp Bars

ย  ย  Holidays are around the corner and treats are unavoidable, especially for kids. We have planned to celebrate Christmas dinner party with few of our friends and my menu preparation is on the way, will be soon sharing with you all. So let me know what you have planned for your Christmas menu.
ย  ย  Also I will be sharing more recipe posts from my Christmas menu and others & some simple diy decorations in a very low cost. It’s been long I haven’t took much time to spent with you guys, so I have lot to share, so keep in touch.

Fruit Cereal-4 1/2cps
Puffed rice-2cps
Mini marshmallows-10 oz (1bag)
Vanilla essence-1tsp
White chocolate chips-1/2cp

Prepare the baking tray, line with parchment paper and grease. Select the tray according to how thick you want your crisp bars, I used 17.25*11.5*1 in.
Keep ready fruit cereal and puffed rice in a large bowl for mixing further.

In a sauce melt the butter in medium flame, as the butter melts add the marshmallows & stir well until completely melt.

Pour in vanilla essence, give nice stir.
Immediately pour the marshmallow mix to the cereal & mix altogether well and fast (marshmallow will set soon in room temperature).
Spread the mixture in the prepared tray and tightly level with buttered flat surface.

Keep it side & let it set in room temperature for about 2hrs.
Cut them into desired shape, plate & serve to the kids!!



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