Fried Shallot Rice

ย  ย  Does anybody remember this yummy baby food? This is very simple authentic dish, grandparents usually feed their grand-kids, when they start eating rice. Here shallots are added as the iron source, turmeric which is healthy in all aspects and homemade ghee for baby’s growth and development. Limited intake of ghee is healthy, causes no harm but excess intake makes babies obese. Some parents or grandparents feed more ghee to make babies chubby, but remember that’s not really healthy for your babies. This rice is purely flavorful itself, still I justย  added egg to enhance the taste. In my kitchen, this is our lunch in some lazy days and we all enjoy it.ย 

Cooked rice-1 serving
Shallots-3 sliced
Turmeric pdr-1/2tsp
Egg-1 or 2

Heat ghee in a pan (flame medium to high) and add sliced shallots. Fry till golden brown color.
Add in turmeric pdr and salt, saute well.
Add rice (can use any rice, I used matta rice) and mix mix (till here done without egg).
Make a well i the center and pour in beaten egg with little salt.
Scramble the egg till it cooks well and then mix with rice in the sides of the pan.
Mix and ready!



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