Hummus is a famous Middle Eastern cuisine which is pretty simple to prepare at home. Go for homemade chickpeas for recipe than the canned one and more easy to prepare if tahini is handy. It’s good with pita bread or even with crackers & veggies as snack. No need of any additional ingredients to make hummus into a complete dip. Let’s go through the recipe. Read more

Saag Paneer

    Saag Paneer??? Saag paneer might be a rarely heard name & instead we have heard lot about palak paneer. Saag paneer and palak paneer has similarity and difference too. Palak paneer is considered to be saag paneer but saag paneer can not be considered as palak paneer, confused right? Saag paneer means leaf based paneer dish (kale, chard, mustard, etc.) and palak paneer is specifically made of spinach. I used the spinach leaves but still I want to name this curry as saag paneer just to introduce or explain the name. Hope it will be little informative at least for few people, those who are new to the name Saag paneer. Read more

Easy Poha Recipe

    Poha is a Maharashtrian breakfast dish, which is one of my childhood favorite. We used to eat poha as snack coming back from school because breakfasts are always very hurry-burry time. It’s an another easy, healthy, filling food. For this recipe we can use both red and white flattened rice and according to your taste can add some veggies. Try this yummy poha, we are having this as our dinner. Read more