Kerala Banana Chips

    Kerala’s most popular snack and the first served one in Onam sadhya. This was one of the recipe in my wish list and it got delayed because of one reason, the unavailibility of best raw plantain. The plantains available was always little ripe and I used to cook my favorite dishes with that bananas.
    This time I found fresh, fully raw plantains and I bought & have stored lot of plantains. Preparing my favorite curries and don’t wanna miss the chance to make this crispy banana chips. This is a very simple recipe, ready within no time. Try at home & avoid buying from stores….. Read more

Masala Puri Snack

    Hi friends, hope you all are doing good. Am too doing great, going through busy days, my in-laws are here for vacation, all of us are enjoying a lot together.
Along with that we are working really hard to make Ayden eat his food. As I mentioned before he is not at all a foodie, every meal time is a fight time in our house for my boy.

    He is very busy with his grandparents and somehow in between that, he is consuming an adequate amount of food nowadays. Thanks to God! Usually we were putting him some ney dosa, rice (with no spice non-veg / veg), kanji and fruits. When he returns from preschool, soon I used to feed him fruits and give a break to get hungry by dinner. Today I thought to give him a break from all his usual stuffs and have some crispy crunchy snack which is his ever favorite.
It’s so cute to watch him eating khrum… khroomm…. khrum…. khrooom..

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Kerala Style Pakkavada

    It’s been long time since I had this pakkavada. I always want to cook & share something like these snacks in my blog, but a guilty feel pulls me away from doing it, because it’s a deep fried snack and not a healthy thing. So I won’t tell that it’s very healthy, feed them to your kids, blah blah, but I will strongly recommend you to prepare them at home if you really have a space for store bought snacks in your pantry. It’ is common to keep some store bought snacks at home especially to serve some unexpected guests coming over & some people like to have them with evening tea. In all these cases I would like to prefer the homemade than the store bought stuffs, pakkavada preparation is very easy & ready in no time.

    Here somebody is chasing me & his cute little hand is all the time within the frame. I couldn’t even capture a pic without his hand on those pakkavadas and this will be my ever favorite click. Read more