Fried Shallot Rice

    Does anybody remember this yummy baby food? This is very simple authentic dish, grandparents usually feed their grand-kids, when they start eating rice. Here shallots are added as the iron source, turmeric which is healthy in all aspects and homemade ghee for baby’s growth and development. Limited intake of ghee is healthy, causes no harm but excess intake makes babies obese. Some parents or grandparents feed more ghee to make babies chubby, but remember that’s not really healthy for your babies. This rice is purely flavorful itself, still I just  added egg to enhance the taste. In my kitchen, this is our lunch in some lazy days and we all enjoy it.  Read more

Carrot Thoran Rice – Simply Variety

    It was a long chapati week for us. Chapati is Ayden’s favorite food, but I make them very rarely because he won’t eat anything else with chapati, just plain chapaties. And it’s hard to feed him some vegetables or non veg. So I gave him chapaties for few days and I have stopped chapati menu for now. This Carrot Thoran Rice is very delicious and especially kids will love this. It’s an easy recipe for lunch box, can prepare with leftover thoran. We had the rice with fish fry and raita, that’s just more than enough and perfect combo. Try my recipe and share with your loved once. Read more

One Pot Pepper Potato Rice

    There is a new routine got started in our life, our little boy started going to Kinder care. He is very excited and happy to be with his friends. We all are fully dedicated for him, my evening cooking got shifted to morning, Binson will pick Ayden & drop him home, by lunch time I finish my work and will be ready to spend rest of the day with Ayden. When somebody is there with us we won’t do anything more for them, but we feel to do some special things when they are with us for limited time, yes, now there is a time I miss Ayden. Right now am trying to reduce my cooking time & concentrate more on my boy. Read more

Beetroot Pulav

    Beetroot is all about sweet taste. Preparing any spicy dish with beet is really challenging. Am not so found of beetroot dishes with rice because of it’s dominating sweetness & what I usually do is cook separately the beets, drain out the beet water to make beet syrup & serve them as a healthy drink and boiled beets will be used for spicy dish preparation. When taking healthy aspects, every meal should be nutrient dense, this recipe is dense in nutrients, easy to cook, colorful & attractive. Try this out even with less spice, kids gonna love this. Read more

A Citrus Dinner !!

    Every mom look for an easy recipe, especially working moms. Working whole day, coming back home in plan to go to bed soon, no way, lot more stuffs to be done, look after kids, clean, little bit attention for husband and and….. the last but the most important is cooking. Cooking is a very short name, actually there are lot of work comes under. Sometimes when I feel tired and have to cook, I wish if all the ingredients are chopped, kept nicely separate in bowls & my cookware, serving dish are ready like we used to see in YouTube channels….. Hmmm…

    Anyway, here I am dedicating a simple, easy and quick dinner idea for all the working moms.  Read more

Chemeen / Shrimp Biryani

    “Shrimp biryani is your master piece” says Binson. I always think that chicken is the bestest flavor to go in with biryani, but, as more often I prepare shrimp biryani my thought was getting changed. The flavor, the aroma of shrimp mixture / gravy is the fantastic blend in biryani. The whole biryani will be rich with the nice aroma & taste.
    Ayden was so crazy to eat this biryani when I made it for first time, even it was bit spicy. I also prepared this biryani for Ayden’s 2nd B’day party & this was the attraction among all other dishes. So here is my recipe to serve in between your family fun time. Read more

Neychoru / Ghee rice & Beef curry

    Neychoru and creamy beef curry is a sooper dooper combination of mine & it tastes awesome when prepared authentically by muslims (that’s what I experienced). No words to explain that feel, can get the flavors of rice and curry separately in a bite.
Most importantly the rice becomes great when it is perfectly cooked, not under-cooked nor overcooked. In the case of curry, both the beef and gravy should be juicy… All these brings out a perfect neychoru & beef curry….
Read more

Vishu Special

    My most beautiful memory about  Vishu is “Kannikonna”. A tree full of hanging flowers with lovely bright yellow color, wow, what a visual treat from nature. There was a Kannikonna in front of my house, which I used to watch the changes during these days, no leaves will be there on the tree as Vishu come closer, just full of flowers.
    Obviously the next favorite thing is “Vishukatta”, our hindu family friends inform us a day before, not to cook anything & they bring lot of curries, Vishukatta, fries, payasam….. It’s so nice to eat a lot without any effort…

But today I took the effort and prepared the Vishukatta and mango curry. Hope you all enjoyed the day, once again Happy Vishu !!!  Read more

Chicken Biryani

    In my childhood days biryani preparation creates a happy, festival, exciting atmosphere at home. Because, biryani is not an often prepared dish at home.
    Once in a while, mummy declares this happy news “tomorrow I have planned to prepare chicken biryani”. Me and my sister will be very obedient to mom on those days & of course mom takes the advantage of the situation. Read more