Fruit Cereal & Puffed Rice Crisp Bars

    Holidays are around the corner and treats are unavoidable, especially for kids. We have planned to celebrate Christmas dinner party with few of our friends and my menu preparation is on the way, will be soon sharing with you all. So let me know what you have planned for your Christmas menu.
    Also I will be sharing more recipe posts from my Christmas menu and others & some simple diy decorations in a very low cost. It’s been long I haven’t took much time to spent with you guys, so I have lot to share, so keep in touch. Read more

Kidy Omelette for Ayden..

    No doubt there will be only thumbs ups for this amazing fruit-Avocado, it takes first place in list of healthiest foods & best finger food for kids…. rich in healthy fats, which is essential for growing kids. The pleasing, mild taste and creamy texture, makes avocado to blend easily with all food stuffs & easily convince kids to eat.
Even if it’s hard to feed my little one, his favorite is avocado combinations. Every time when I feed Ayden, I have to run after him, but when some food is combined with avocado he will run to me… he is very naughty….
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