Combo Meal 2

    First of all thanks to all for supporting my new category. I got very good response to the ‘everyday combo meal’, am very happy…. I got a suggestion to include the nutritional value of the combo plate, so thanks for the suggestion. I have planned for now to add roughly the total calorie of the combo plate with per serving quantity of each dish. Before that I would like to tell something about the measurements and calculations of nutrients, the numbers are given here for an idea of how much calories you are taking in with these dishes and quantities. I know very well how the measurements and calculations are done for the accurate numbers (and it’s a bit time consuming process until you get used to that) and the fact is, nobody in reality (for a good going person) measures their ingredients/curries like 23.4444444 gms of curry, 2/3cps of curry….., each drops of oil and even won’t measure while serving them, right? Everybody knows the comparison of grams/cups/ spoon counts, so just keep that in mind and serve yourselves. There will be always some up and downs in numbers which is not going to cause any harm unless you are healthy, only try to burn those extra calories with exercises. 
    I would also like to share some tips regarding a balanced eating or easy serving quantity. Try to incorporate foods from all the food groups in a day and when it comes to a meal plate (especially lunch) include vegetables, legumes and non vegetarians include non-veg for lunch and try to avoid for dinner, as it takes longer time for digestion and your activity levels are low by the end of the day. Portion size of Carbohydrates should be 1/4 size of plate (use variety of whole grains and limit refined grains), 1/2 size vegetables (include varieties, potatoes are not considered as veg) and 1/4 size of protein (legumes/non-veg (limit red meats)/nuts). Remember these points when you cook for your loved once and serve them healthy plates! Read more

Combo Meal 1

    I am starting a new category “Everyday Combo Meal” in which I will be adding my everyday meals. The motivation behind this category is to exhibit some combination of curries with either rice or different breads. I always think a lot what to prepare for lunch or dinner from the ingredients what I have, sometimes it will be specials or sometimes traditional curries. Non veg is a ‘must have’ in our house for all of us, at least there will be a fish fry to satisfy ourselves.
    Right now I have no plans to add the recipes of each dishes here in this category, just giving the idea of some combinations, like what will be good (I won’t say the “best combo”, it depends on each person’s or family’s taste, for us it’s best) to go with some curries or thorans or fries. Hope you will enjoy this category and you can easily come and take a look before you start your preparations. Read more