Bachelor’s Easy Chicken Fry

    This recipe is specially dedicated to bachelors. It’s a very easy and simple recipe and above all it’s super tasty. It is good with rice and curry combo. Some tips while cooking, size of the chicken pieces are very important, big pieces might be very tempting but taste wise small pieces absorbs all the flavors. and tastes good. As it’s a bachelor’s recipe, marination is completely avoided, but you can do for the better results if you have time. Also it’s best as starters too. Read more

Spicy Masala Chicken Stir Fry

    It’s always a dream for a cook, to toss like an efficient chef in a wok while cooking. I like stir fries and I love to prepare them in wok, but am not at all an expert in tossing, most of the time accidents happens. So I toss very slightly always & satisfy myself. I bought new wok & as soon as I reached home, I couldn’t wait for the other day for the inaugural cooking in the wok. Soon I decided to make this spicy masala chicken stir fry which was so delicious and served as dinner!!! Read more

Chicken Burrito Bowl Inspired by Chipotle

    Burrito bowl is a Mexican food. This cold bowl is very attractive by colors. Burrito bowl is a good choice for busy working people for their weekdays meal. It is very time saving food. Keep each ingredients ready separately in the refrigerator and combine when you are ready to have. The most attractive quality of this food is, it is healthy and filling, one Chipotle burrito bowl is quite hard to finish at a time.

    Am looking ahead to make this Burrito bowl for one week meal, once our parents leave to India. Now these are busy days trying out different foods at home & out and we will be burning these extra fats by sticking with the one week burrito bowl meal prep. I have seen lot of people got reduced weight & still fit by following these meal prep. You can also stay fit and healthy with this colorful bowl!!! Read more

Stir Fried Chicken…

    Once I was feeling crave to eat Chinese food & I asked him to go to restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately, started heavy rain, thunderstorm & flood alert…. & you can guess what was going through me, I was almost ready to have my favorite Chinese dishes. Finally we dropped our plan.

    But soon, the next day, I grabbed some stuffs from my refrigerator & got ready to cook Stir Fried Chicken with some spice twist. You guys can go through my ingredients list and method for this delicious food. I enjoyed a lot, hope you will enjoy it too. Read more

A Citrus Dinner !!

    Every mom look for an easy recipe, especially working moms. Working whole day, coming back home in plan to go to bed soon, no way, lot more stuffs to be done, look after kids, clean, little bit attention for husband and and….. the last but the most important is cooking. Cooking is a very short name, actually there are lot of work comes under. Sometimes when I feel tired and have to cook, I wish if all the ingredients are chopped, kept nicely separate in bowls & my cookware, serving dish are ready like we used to see in YouTube channels….. Hmmm…

    Anyway, here I am dedicating a simple, easy and quick dinner idea for all the working moms.  Read more

Spaghetti Chicken Stir fry

    Spaghetti es are good to go wrapped with lot of veggies and flavored with the chunks of non-veg. This is one of Ayden’s favorite food, no need to force him to eat & you know one thing guys, photography part was too difficult as Ayden was grabbing my platted spaghetti es to eat. Try out my recipe & taste them with your family and friends, hope you all will enjoy. Read more

Ranch Saucy Chicken !!!

    Sunny days are always an inspiration to try some variety dishes. As winter days got over, natural light is getting filled allover the house, wow, I love that. First weekend, explored outdoor very well especially without jackets, gloves, caps… Back to our topic, try this easy tasty recipe and be busy with family in enjoying the weekends.
Special flavored chicken for a sunny weekend.
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Anacardo Chicken ??

    It’s fun to get together and have something special to eat at least once a week. Food tastes better when you eat it with your family & the usual family gathering is the weekend. No calorie count, no rush office works, no any kind of hurry burry…. enjoy enjoy enjoy the two days with family, friends & no doubt all these goes only with our favorite food. This was one of my weekend treat for our family.

    Half cooked veggies along with rice is one of my preferred combination, yes the fried rice, I can have this even without flavoring. Half cooked crunchy veggies are healthy, nutrient rich, tasty & & & my Anacardo Chicken. Have you ever heard of this dish? You might have heard this before, let’s move to the ingredients list to get a clear picture. Read more

Jumbo Lollipops

    We are planning to turn to a veg diet, of course not completely but will be focusing more on veg. It’s been long time that I have prepared some veg curry. Here my non veg lover (Binson) never goes with ‘only’ veg dishes, so as a start up to the veg diet, I am stepping back from non veg main course. But I will be reducing the non veg gradually by giving him some chunks to bite along with lunch/dinner.
    Get ready to scroll down for my Chicken Lollipop recipe:-
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