Eggless Dates Cake with Flax seeds

    This is my first attempt making eggless cake. Since long time, one of my friend was requesting for the eggless cake recipe for her kids. Flax seed is the best substitute for egg and healthy too. It’s good to add flax seeds in our diet as much as possible daily in limitted amount. Read more

Lindt Triple Chocolate Cakey Brownie Bites

    Chocolate rich brownies are my ever favorite and specially cakey brownies. Suddenly decided to make brownies as I was feel so cravy for sweets, entered my kitchen by 3.30 pm and by 4.30 the brownie bites are in hand. Yummy, sooooo chocolatey mmmmmm…….

    Ayden was singing Birthday song while I was cutting these brownies. Ayden’s neighboring friends will be home by 5 pm usually & they all enjoyed the Chocolatey Brownies. Read more

Anniversary Cake!!!

    Now a days a silly reason is enough for celebration, a kind of trend is going on and of course we all love that. Whatever the reason is, food will be the center of attraction in celebration. But in April we have a really special occasion and that is, both of our parent’s wedding anniversary is in the same month with few days difference (& both of our birthdays too), and we declared April as month of cakes. Anniversary couples are not here with us but still we make cake, we cut the cake & we eat them, what a cool celebration. Here’s my tiny anniversary cake recipe, enjoy every single moment & let’s celebrate our life. Read more

Yogurt Poppy Seed Muffins Flavored with Orange

    Muffins are best option for breakfast. It’s easy to handle while travelling, especially while running in hurry to office, easy to make kids eat and all. Most of the days, Binson used to take his breakfast to office & muffins super easy in the menu, also it can be stored for few days/weeks. More and more healthy muffin recipes are coming to help with your breakfast menu. Try out my below muffin recipe. Read more

Musketeers Nutty Cookies

    I always prepare something for snacks & store them for my little. I never kept any store bought stuffs except cheese gold fish & chocolates. For growing kids, maximum try to bring the healthy combination of nutrients together in a single food. Stocks are over & empty boxes can’t stay for long in my kitchen shelves, prepared a recipe and ready for next batch of cookies. Read more

Chocolate Poke Cake

    I am crazy about all chocolate flavored desserts, even chocolate & used to eat them with so much of greed & Binson always asks me “why these women are so fond of chocolate?”

Do you have the same opinion?

    Anyways, it’s true in my case & as usual I question him in reply “why you guys are so fond of beef and chicken?” He stops the conversation right  there….

    I was  a person like that, but no more crave towards desserts, may be it’s because of him, he brainwashed me by keep on telling don’t eat too much sweets, not good for health…. blah blah blah…. & the quantity got really reduced, actually I should thank him. Even though I like desserts & that’s what the healthy way of eating. We can eat whatever we want until we are eating in a good quantity, or else our body might ask us to restrict our favorite food which is more and more difficult thing. Avoiding something completely from our diet/daily menu is very hard, so maximum try to make our diet healthy or the way of eating or the selection of foods or consuming in a controlled portion size. I don’t want to let you guys down, keep all these in mind and enjoy your favorite dish with your loved ones, in a while. Read more

Chakka Varatti Cake / Jackfruit Preserve Cake

    It’s hard to say ‘NO’ to Chakka varatti / Jackfruit preserve which is Kerala’s traditional sweet dish.  We all love chakka varatti and jackfruit too. When last time I went for vacation, I just got 6 pcs of jackfruit from my neighbour  (she got a quarter portion from her friend and shared it with me, so nice of her) as she knows that it’s my favorite one. I want to eat them but I couldn’t as it’s going to finish. I was enjoying the beauty & taking each bite very slowly & also I have to share it with Ayden to taste because that was his first time jackfruit…. luckily that was very sweet and tender jackfruit…

    Here the jackfruit preserve used for the cake preparation is my mom’s loveful homemade one, send to us, and this is going to be a chakka varatti season for us. Read more