Easter Celebration 2018

 “He is not here, He has risen. (Mark 16:6). Happy Easter to all my dear friends. Hope you all had a great Easter this year.
    Now let me share about our celebration. We invited three of our friends and we had a small party. It was fun with friends and their kids, Ayden enjoyed a lot and of course we too… Read more

2017 Christmas Celebration!

2017 Christmas has been over & it was a great time for us with our friends. Since 1 week our family was getting ready to give a warm welcome to our guests. It was too busy days for me preparing lot of stuffs by my own, since it was not potluck we had planned. It’s a pleasure for me to cook lot of food and feed my besties with heart full of love & finally I get satisfied when they all have enough food. Read more

A DIY Surprise for My Little One

    Tuesday is our trash day, as usual Monday evening I used to go through all, will take a quick look & collect the trash items. I have some cardboard boxes which is about to trash, suddenly I thought to make something out of that & the first thing came in my mind was a Playhouse for Ayden. It’s not a well planned or measured playhouse I made, just made out of what I have in my craft section. As soon as this idea got popped in my mind, I was super super excited to complete and show it to my boy.

    I like to do DIY works & I can spend lot of time for that. With a very minimum materials you can make a beautiful playhouse for your little ones. I used 1 cardboard box, 2 form-boards, 2 rolls of gift wraps, 4 sheets of blue tissue paper, cello tape, hot glue gun & finally arranged with a throw, throw pillow & lighted with cluster garland. As he have a good collection of Paw Patrol stuffs, I took Paw Patrol image from his toy box to match with rest, that’s it. Read more

Hosting a Party…..!!!

    Hosting a party is something to do and manage a lot & above all it’s full fun time. Life here is all about friends & they are the only one we can explore with. This was our first party in our new house & I would like to share with you my routine of preparation either it’s a big or small party.

  1. I made a friends list those who are invited. Mingling friends to each other especially new friends in the group, keep engaged with others or by our-self or include them in some work for help etc. is the most important thing to be managed throughout the party, bring friends together those who have something in common to talk/interest that creates a lively environment and nobody get bored. We had lot of kids here, put some toys/games, give them a nice space & let them enjoy in their own world, along with that make sure they all are safe.
  2. 2 weekends prior I started preparing the menu, yep, 2 weekends are too long, it’s just because I don’t do driving so I completely depend on my husband for the shopping. First of all divided my menu to veg and non veg & decided the dishes for each category from drink to dessert. Expecting few kiddy foods will be a great idea.
    My simple menu:- Drink- Mixed fruit punch, Appetizers- Deviled eggs/Cucumber bites/Parmesan baked carrots, Main course- Veg puloa/Chappathi, Side dish- Butter chicken/Malai kofta, Fresh salad, Dessert- Cheesecake, For kids- Musketeers nutty cookies/Oats n’ Honey energy bars ( I made these in my 2 week preparation as it can stay long and don’t wanna mess up with all in last moment).
    Recipes will be publishing soon.
  3. A weekend prior to the party clean up the entire house once, the bedrooms, bathrooms(including vanities, faucets, mirrors), closets, kitchen (cabinets, organizing counter-tops, arrange refrigerator and find some space in), and of course you might have to do cleaning again previous day to the party (especially if kids are there) but still it won’t take much time as you did a good job before.
  4. I slightly decorated my house, it’s not a function am having but still kids are coming over so let them have some fun. Blown balloons, used some crepes, which is bought from dollar tree & no need to spend money unnecessarily if it doesn’t make any difference from where you buy.
  5. Bought some disposable plates, glasses, spoons etc, as I don’t wanna spend time in cleaning up them after the party.
  6. I planned to give a small return gifts to all (optional). Packed and arranged them in a beautiful way, packed in pyramid shape which was easy & little time consuming work but worth all the effort.

    We really enjoyed the party & I hope our friends too had a great time here. I got great comments for my food, hope they all enjoyed that too. Everyone where pretty much engaged with all which I was specifically looking for, I don’t want anybody to get a feel of loneliness or getting bored. In every space whenever I go, I find somebody talking to each other which was a visual treat for me in our house. Kids were really enjoying, running all around clamoring.  Thanks to all our dear friends for joining us!!!

Gorgeous Sunset Beauty….

    Finished my works & waiting for Binson, Ayden was busy watching his favorite toy videos. I was taking few steps indoor and suddenly this wonderful view attracted my attention. Soon I grabbed my camera, opened the door & captured this amazing beauty.

    As I entered back home, Ayden was ready on sofa to take his photos & I took few of his expressions.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Gorgeous Sunset Beauty…..

Home Sweet Home!!!

    It’s been 36 days, I haven’t published and not even worked to stay connected with you all, there is a reason behind that.  It was a dream to live in a  place where we can call it “Our Home” and we were working for that since 2 years. Finally we found “Our Home” and thanks to God for leading us to our destiny. In this 2 years we met lot of people, saw lot of houses & the entire period was very informative when we worked with realtors. House hunting process is entirely different here compared to India (to which am used to), like day and night. It’s a big process, from selecting a realtor to closing & buying a house, everything is documented. When we look for houses we have to consider lot of things, built in year, school district (resale value), community, plot position (kids safety), structure, damages caused before, floor plans, utility (furnace, water heater, AC … which has highest priority in consideration, it is heart of house, winters are horrible without heaters), these are the few things briefly mentioned. Read more

Grocery Shopping on a Budget !!

    By the end of every month going through bills and realizing the expenses are out of budget is quiet disappointing. May be most of us went through the same in our early stage of family. Experiences teaches us lot of tips & tricks to stay on our budget.

Here are some of the ideas:-

Set a budget first of all, that’s the most important step. If you follow this step all other will be followed automatically. After every shopping add it with the previous calculation, it helps you not to cross the budget line.grocery-list-800x533

Get a rough plan for upcoming week & do shopping accordingly. In that way you can prevent the wastage of perishable items & unnecessary purchase too.

Prepare a list of items which is in use everyday (& non perishable items too) & purchase them from wholesale  shops. Costco Wholesale is the best for bulk purchase & great deals like 3 for $12 / for $8 of retail price $15, etc. Some items are really huge in quantity or number but still if it has long shelf life, just go for it, like packed snacks, chocolates, vanilla essence, juices, cheese, etc.

Don’t stick on any specific brand . In an average price range for an item, there won’t be much differences between the brands. Try the low price items & if it works for you, stick to that.

Always go for seasonal fruits & vegetables.

Go for the recipes that you can prepare with ingredients available at home.2000px-costco_wholesale-svg

Look for deals & coupons. Weekends are the best time for grocery shopping as you will get more stuffs for good price which helps you save more.

Substituting ingredients will be more familiar for those who are following some diets. We can substitute the actual ingredients for particular recipe with food belongs to same group / texture etc. I used to use nuts for salads / cake / rice items which is available at home. No guests coming over & preparing some biryani simply for us, I won’t go for cashews & raisins (real recipe), instead I use peanuts & sometimes finely chopped dried berries (as they are densely sweet) & lot more substitutes.

Preserving is another great idea for some seasonal foods either sun dry / freeze / convert into long lasting food. Read more

International Trip with Infant (Under age 2)

Hi Guys……. Hope all my dear friends are doing great…..

    It’s been long time that I have posted something in NutriVaso & kept you all waiting, first of all sorry for that. I have something to share with you, I am going for vacation to India for couple of months on 10th of Oct!!!! Was bit busy with shopping, so that took a small break from posting recipes. Very excited but equally feeling so sad because only me and Ayden are travelling, my dear dear Binson is not coming with us. I like to count the days, so that I’ll feel like my travelling date is coming closer, at the same time I am feeling little tensed, sad, restlessness thinking of Binson, this is for first time that we are gonna be away from each other for COUPLE OF MONTHS…..OMG… anyway we have to go through……. I am gonna prepare some curries, chicken dry roast & gonna store them in freezer (each pack for each day), so that he can just boil once & use. Being away from him for few months is the first thing keeping me sad & worried. Read more