Bachelor’s Easy Chicken Fry

ย  ย  This recipe is specially dedicated to bachelors. It’s a very easy and simple recipe and above all it’s super tasty. It is good with rice and curry combo. Some tips while cooking, size of the chicken pieces are very important, big pieces might be very tempting but taste wise small pieces absorbs all the flavors. and tastes good. As it’s a bachelor’s recipe, marination is completely avoided, but you can do for the better results if you have time. Also it’s best as starters too.

Chicken thighs-8 (cut into pcs)
Onion(/Shallots)-1 small
Turmeric pdr-1/2tsp
Coriander pdr-1 1/2 tbsp
Red chili pdr-2tsp
Black pepper pdr-1tsp
Garam masala-1 1/2tsp
Chicken masala-2tsp(optional)
Lime juice-1tbsp(optional)
Coconut oil-2-3tbsp
(Note:- am not missing any ingredients, trust me, these are the only ingredients.)

Heat oil in a pan.
Add onion and saute till golden brown color.
Add turmeric pdr and all the following masala pdrs, roast them for few seconds (make sure not to burn masalas, as they gives a bitter taste).
Add some salt, mix
Now add chicken pcs to it and lime juice too.
Mix well and cook covered for about 10 mins (medium to high flame).
Take off the lid (check for salt and add if needed at this point) & cook till the gravy dries completely (high flame and keep stirring).
Oil added will ooze out and this is the point to flame off.




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