Coconut Red Velvet Cake

    This is one of my pending recipe which I made for our Christmas celebration. Before getting too late, today I would like to publish Coconut Red Velvet Cake recipe. Images were took so late, by the end of party and in hurry, it might be little messy but the taste was amazing and cake was very soft juicy in texture.

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Meen Podi/Masala Fish Powder (from Raw Salmon)

    Meen podi is every Malayali’s ever favorite. Meen podi is usually made out of dry salted fish. It’s very challenging to find the best dried fish, for people those who live out of India. Here I tried to make meen podi with raw Salmon fillets and to bring it to complete perfection I seeked help of oven. It’s easy and tasty just like the original version made with dried fish.

    Some tips – high temperature will burn the masalas and tastes bitter, stirring is important when placed in oven to dehydrate evenly. You can notice the color difference of mixture in both pan fry and first oven fry (image below). Adjust the spices according to your taste. While storing meen podi, it should be in room temperature and the jars must be dried without any moist (for longer shelf life). Refrigerate meen podi made out of raw fish and especially if it’s in bulk quantity.

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Orange Swiss Roll Cake for Our Birthday!!!

    Our celebration days got started, birthdays, anniversaries…… Our birthdays are just in one week difference and this year we celebrated together. Actually we did Binson’s cake cutting on Easter day as we had no plans to eat another cake right after two days. Today I thought to celebrate  our birthdays together in a very small group which includes Me, Binson and our little Ayduuuu. Today in the morning when I entered my kitchen I saw a bag and a gift within, which was unexpected this time, from Binson, so cute. And now it’s my turn to give my boys a wonderful dinner tonight. I prepared Orange Swiss roll cake (for Ayden), Ulli vada (for Binson) & for dinner –  Rice, Avoli masala curry and nadan chicken fry. Today my treat for you is the Orange Swiss Roll Cake recipe !

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Combo Meal 2

    First of all thanks to all for supporting my new category. I got very good response to the ‘everyday combo meal’, am very happy…. I got a suggestion to include the nutritional value of the combo plate, so thanks for the suggestion. I have planned for now to add roughly the total calorie of the combo plate with per serving quantity of each dish. Before that I would like to tell something about the measurements and calculations of nutrients, the numbers are given here for an idea of how much calories you are taking in with these dishes and quantities. I know very well how the measurements and calculations are done for the accurate numbers (and it’s a bit time consuming process until you get used to that) and the fact is, nobody in reality (for a good going person) measures their ingredients/curries like 23.4444444 gms of curry, 2/3cps of curry….., each drops of oil and even won’t measure while serving them, right? Everybody knows the comparison of grams/cups/ spoon counts, so just keep that in mind and serve yourselves. There will be always some up and downs in numbers which is not going to cause any harm unless you are healthy, only try to burn those extra calories with exercises. 
    I would also like to share some tips regarding a balanced eating or easy serving quantity. Try to incorporate foods from all the food groups in a day and when it comes to a meal plate (especially lunch) include vegetables, legumes and non vegetarians include non-veg for lunch and try to avoid for dinner, as it takes longer time for digestion and your activity levels are low by the end of the day. Portion size of Carbohydrates should be 1/4 size of plate (use variety of whole grains and limit refined grains), 1/2 size vegetables (include varieties, potatoes are not considered as veg) and 1/4 size of protein (legumes/non-veg (limit red meats)/nuts). Remember these points when you cook for your loved once and serve them healthy plates! Read more

Fried Shallot Rice

    Does anybody remember this yummy baby food? This is very simple authentic dish, grandparents usually feed their grand-kids, when they start eating rice. Here shallots are added as the iron source, turmeric which is healthy in all aspects and homemade ghee for baby’s growth and development. Limited intake of ghee is healthy, causes no harm but excess intake makes babies obese. Some parents or grandparents feed more ghee to make babies chubby, but remember that’s not really healthy for your babies. This rice is purely flavorful itself, still I just  added egg to enhance the taste. In my kitchen, this is our lunch in some lazy days and we all enjoy it.  Read more

Easter Celebration 2018

 “He is not here, He has risen. (Mark 16:6). Happy Easter to all my dear friends. Hope you all had a great Easter this year.
    Now let me share about our celebration. We invited three of our friends and we had a small party. It was fun with friends and their kids, Ayden enjoyed a lot and of course we too… Read more