Red Heart Cake for Friend’s Anniversary

    A perfect cake for wedding anniversary & valentine’s day, a red heart cake flavored in chocolate and coffee. Made this cake for our friends on their anniversary day & cake was really surprising for them. Here is my recipe so that you guys can surprise your besties. Read more

Beetroot Rabdi

    Rabdi / rabri is a deliciously sweet dessert which is prepared by evaporating the milk to half the quantity. It’s a along process as it is done in low flame. Even though, the smile, satisfaction it brings in everyone’s face simply worth the effort.

    Rabdi can be prepared by adding condensed milk too, which is short process. What you have to do is, boil the milk and add condensed milk to it. Store bought condensed milk are highly sweetened though I prefer the evaporating method so that you can sweeten the rabdi as per your taste. Or else you can make rabdi out of store bought evaporated milk (easy too) instead of condensed milk and then add sugar accordingly.

    I have flavored rabdi with beetroot & this pink beauty will be the most adorable dessert in parties or family gatherings. Read more

Stove Top Grilled Garlic Naan made of Wheat

    Naan is the actual reason that makes us step to Indian restaurants. Along with that, the most difficult thing is to find a no-spice food for Ayden. Even if the rice or some curries are not spicy, he won’t try just because of the yellow orange colors, he has a mind set that those colors food are spicy. So the only thing he used to eat from Indian restaurants are these Naan.

    I have planned to prepare most of his favorite food as coming Monday (May 15th) is his Birthday & Mother’s Day (14th) too. I think, am the luckiest mom to get Ayden as my Mother’s Day gift and the truth is, every moment with our little one is celebration for us.

Am trying to make every meal as much as healthy, and I believe healthy food is the best way of expressing mother’s love to their kids. Read more

Lindt Triple Chocolate Cakey Brownie Bites

    Chocolate rich brownies are my ever favorite and specially cakey brownies. Suddenly decided to make brownies as I was feel so cravy for sweets, entered my kitchen by 3.30 pm and by 4.30 the brownie bites are in hand. Yummy, sooooo chocolatey mmmmmm…….

    Ayden was singing Birthday song while I was cutting these brownies. Ayden’s neighboring friends will be home by 5 pm usually & they all enjoyed the Chocolatey Brownies. Read more

Saag Paneer

    Saag Paneer??? Saag paneer might be a rarely heard name & instead we have heard lot about palak paneer. Saag paneer and palak paneer has similarity and difference too. Palak paneer is considered to be saag paneer but saag paneer can not be considered as palak paneer, confused right? Saag paneer means leaf based paneer dish (kale, chard, mustard, etc.) and palak paneer is specifically made of spinach. I used the spinach leaves but still I want to name this curry as saag paneer just to introduce or explain the name. Hope it will be little informative at least for few people, those who are new to the name Saag paneer. Read more

Anniversary Cake!!!

    Now a days a silly reason is enough for celebration, a kind of trend is going on and of course we all love that. Whatever the reason is, food will be the center of attraction in celebration. But in April we have a really special occasion and that is, both of our parent’s wedding anniversary is in the same month with few days difference (& both of our birthdays too), and we declared April as month of cakes. Anniversary couples are not here with us but still we make cake, we cut the cake & we eat them, what a cool celebration. Here’s my tiny anniversary cake recipe, enjoy every single moment & let’s celebrate our life. Read more