Yogurt Poppy Seed Muffins Flavored with Orange

    Muffins are best option for breakfast. It’s easy to handle while travelling, especially while running in hurry to office, easy to make kids eat and all. Most of the days, Binson used to take his breakfast to office & muffins super easy in the menu, also it can be stored for few days/weeks. More and more healthy muffin recipes are coming to help with your breakfast menu. Try out my below muffin recipe. Read more

A DIY Surprise for My Little One

    Tuesday is our trash day, as usual Monday evening I used to go through all, will take a quick look & collect the trash items. I have some cardboard boxes which is about to trash, suddenly I thought to make something out of that & the first thing came in my mind was a Playhouse for Ayden. It’s not a well planned or measured playhouse I made, just made out of what I have in my craft section. As soon as this idea got popped in my mind, I was super super excited to complete and show it to my boy.

    I like to do DIY works & I can spend lot of time for that. With a very minimum materials you can make a beautiful playhouse for your little ones. I used 1 cardboard box, 2 form-boards, 2 rolls of gift wraps, 4 sheets of blue tissue paper, cello tape, hot glue gun & finally arranged with a throw, throw pillow & lighted with cluster garland. As he have a good collection of Paw Patrol stuffs, I took Paw Patrol image from his toy box to match with rest, that’s it. Read more

Easy Poha Recipe

    Poha is a Maharashtrian breakfast dish, which is one of my childhood favorite. We used to eat poha as snack coming back from school because breakfasts are always very hurry-burry time. It’s an another easy, healthy, filling food. For this recipe we can use both red and white flattened rice and according to your taste can add some veggies. Try this yummy poha, we are having this as our dinner. Read more

Kerala Style Pakkavada

    It’s been long time since I had this pakkavada. I always want to cook & share something like these snacks in my blog, but a guilty feel pulls me away from doing it, because it’s a deep fried snack and not a healthy thing. So I won’t tell that it’s very healthy, feed them to your kids, blah blah, but I will strongly recommend you to prepare them at home if you really have a space for store bought snacks in your pantry. It’ is common to keep some store bought snacks at home especially to serve some unexpected guests coming over & some people like to have them with evening tea. In all these cases I would like to prefer the homemade than the store bought stuffs, pakkavada preparation is very easy & ready in no time.

    Here somebody is chasing me & his cute little hand is all the time within the frame. I couldn’t even capture a pic without his hand on those pakkavadas and this will be my ever favorite click. Read more

Asparagus Upma

    Asparagus is one of the healthy spring vegetable. It goes well in any recipes, it doesn’t tastes different. My favorite preparation is it’s thoran with lots of grated coconut & of course upma. I usually like upma loaded with different veggies and once I made upma with asparagus became everybody’s favorite. It can be eaten as breakfast or dinner. This is an usual dinner in one of our weekdays. Try out this healthy recipe, kids gonna love this asparagus upma.  Read more

Okra Cream Curry

    Before going to curry preparation, I would like to share few information about Okra. I have heard from lot of people that they don’t like okra because of it’s slimy nature. More than vitamins and mineral source, okra is famous in it’s high fiber & folate  benefits. Slimy nature is the presence of soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps in proper bowel movement, reduce diabetes, reduce weight. Folate is the natural form of vit B9 which is available from plant & animal food & body absorbs folate as folic acid which is primarily available as supplements. Folic acid is very important for pregnant women/in preconception period, it prevents neural defects and important for development of the baby. I would like to dedicate this specific recipe especially for one of my friend because she doesn’t like okra at all & asked me for a recipe. Read more