2017 Christmas Celebration!

2017 Christmas has been over & it was a great time for us with our friends. Since 1 week our family was getting ready to give a warm welcome to our guests. It was too busy days for me preparing lot of stuffs by my own, since it was not potluck we had planned. It’s a pleasure for me to cook lot of food and feed my besties with heart full of love & finally I get satisfied when they all have enough food.

Every time I get something to learn when I cook for a crowd like pre-preparations, time management, approximate quantity & of course planning like when and what to cook (which can be stored for long). I have uploaded most of the recipes previously & also missed some, because it’s important to give priority to friends & least to the photos. Our party menu was – Green Punch / Cereal crisp / Cookies / Fruit cake / Cranberry cake / Chicken cutlets / Chicken puffs / Dinner rolls with beef stew / Chicken biryani with raita / Classic macaroni salad / Red velvet cake…

I made some simple decorations with dollar store items, even-though am not an expert in these kind of works I love to make a try. I made a table runner with dollar store place mat, a flower vase made of candy cane & filled with flowers, candle – candle stand decor, made small bows with ribbon to attach on candle stand & vase, a ball panel on my alter, porch decorated with garlands & lights…

Homemade cookies wrapped & tied and handmade Christmas cards for our friends as a simple return gift. Homemade, handemade stuffs are always special to all & it’s appreciated because of the time we spent for them, more than the money we spent for them.

Ayden was very busy with kids in his play room, running all around in the house & I was so happy to see him engaged with friends. Binson too had a good time & got refreshed, as he really need a break from his daily routine, it’s been almost 5 years he didn’t visited India. At last, I felt so happy and satisfied, as all our friends left with a filled heart, tummy & a broad smile, that worth all the effort I took. We had great time with our friends & we hope they too enjoyed!!!



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