Home Sweet Home!!!

    It’s been 36 days, I haven’t published and not even worked to stay connected with you all, there is a reason behind that.  It was a dream to live in a  place where we can call it “Our Home” and we were working for that since 2 years. Finally we found “Our Home” and thanks to God for leading us to our destiny. In this 2 years we met lot of people, saw lot of houses & the entire period was very informative when we worked with realtors. House hunting process is entirely different here compared to India (to which am used to), like day and night. It’s a big process, from selecting a realtor to closing & buying a house, everything is documented. When we look for houses we have to consider lot of things, built in year, school district (resale value), community, plot position (kids safety), structure, damages caused before, floor plans, utility (furnace, water heater, AC … which has highest priority in consideration, it is heart of house, winters are horrible without heaters), these are the few things briefly mentioned. Read more