Vettu Cake – A Tea Stall Fried Cake

    Vettu cake is a famous Kerala tea stall snack which is only seen in rural areas. This is one of my favorite cake, but very rarely cooked as it is deep fried. Vettu cake is more beautiful when covered in newspaper, that’s the way we get it from tea stall. Read more

Beetroot Pulav

    Beetroot is all about sweet taste. Preparing any spicy dish with beet is really challenging. Am not so found of beetroot dishes with rice because of it’s dominating sweetness & what I usually do is cook separately the beets, drain out the beet water to make beet syrup & serve them as a healthy drink and boiled beets will be used for spicy dish preparation. When taking healthy aspects, every meal should be nutrient dense, this recipe is dense in nutrients, easy to cook, colorful & attractive. Try this out even with less spice, kids gonna love this. Read more

Grocery Shopping on a Budget !!

    By the end of every month going through bills and realizing the expenses are out of budget is quiet disappointing. May be most of us went through the same in our early stage of family. Experiences teaches us lot of tips & tricks to stay on our budget.

Here are some of the ideas:-

Set a budget first of all, that’s the most important step. If you follow this step all other will be followed automatically. After every shopping add it with the previous calculation, it helps you not to cross the budget

Get a rough plan for upcoming week & do shopping accordingly. In that way you can prevent the wastage of perishable items & unnecessary purchase too.

Prepare a list of items which is in use everyday (& non perishable items too) & purchase them from wholesale  shops. Costco Wholesale is the best for bulk purchase & great deals like 3 for $12 / for $8 of retail price $15, etc. Some items are really huge in quantity or number but still if it has long shelf life, just go for it, like packed snacks, chocolates, vanilla essence, juices, cheese, etc.

Don’t stick on any specific brand . In an average price range for an item, there won’t be much differences between the brands. Try the low price items & if it works for you, stick to that.

Always go for seasonal fruits & vegetables.

Go for the recipes that you can prepare with ingredients available at home.2000px-costco_wholesale-svg

Look for deals & coupons. Weekends are the best time for grocery shopping as you will get more stuffs for good price which helps you save more.

Substituting ingredients will be more familiar for those who are following some diets. We can substitute the actual ingredients for particular recipe with food belongs to same group / texture etc. I used to use nuts for salads / cake / rice items which is available at home. No guests coming over & preparing some biryani simply for us, I won’t go for cashews & raisins (real recipe), instead I use peanuts & sometimes finely chopped dried berries (as they are densely sweet) & lot more substitutes.

Preserving is another great idea for some seasonal foods either sun dry / freeze / convert into long lasting food. Read more